Production Postponed until 2022

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From the ballet company that brought you the Illawarra's first commissioned symphonic ballet Peter Pan in 2018, Illawarra On Pointe Productions brings you The Sorcerer's Apprentice, a ballet adaptation of Johann Wolfgang von Goethe's 1797 poem Der Zauberlehrling.


A young apprentice more interested in reading books and daydreaming than actually completing chores gets in to all sorts of enchanted trouble when her master is away on an important wizard summit. Getting a hold of an ancient spell book and magic wand the apprentice gets lost in the Sorcerer’s expansive library, bringing to life all sorts of fictional characters that wreak havoc on the Castle.


Not learning from her mistakes in dabbling with sorcery the apprentice turns to magic to try and complete the long list of chores and the suddenly chaotically messy castle. In enlisting the closet broom to help with her chores the apprentice soon finds herself knee deep in water and in deep, deep trouble as the magic wand conjures colourfully bioluminescent sea creatures from the dark blue ocean.


The Sorcerer’s Apprentice is a story about the importance of patience, thinking before acting and dealing with the repercussions of one's actions. This family friendly ballet is full of magic and wonder and features local dancers choreographed to original steps by Meryl Papalos. The performance is accompanied by a live symphony orchestra performing original music composed by Ryley Gillen. Enjoy watching talented local dancers in this phantasmagorical story and listening to the world of enchanting sounds from a professional orchestra and local guest choir in this two act ballet that is sure to delight the whole family.

About This Production

This production will feature dance students of all ages from studios across the Illawarra and surrounding areas. To stay up to date with information be sure to have signed up to our newsletter:

Concept for The Sorcerer's Apprentice begun in 2018. Music has been composed by Ryley Gillen and original choreography by Meryl Papalos. Artistic supervision has been provided by IOP's Executive Producer Suzi Villeneuve-Smith. Stay connected with us on social media as we explore the making of this original ballet.



The Apprentice

Annika Little & Carrisa Petrou

The Sorcerer

Hudson Brande

The Wizards

Scott Bowcher, Paul Fraser, Catherine Geenty, David Lester, Meryl Papalos,

Tony Purdon, Katrina Samaras, Clare Tomkins, Suzi Villeneuve-Smith


Armani Attinga, Sienna Corradini, Amelia de Paiva

Red Riding Hood

Annika Little & Carrisa Petrou


Ally Luke, Paige Smith

The Three Pigs

Ellise Ball, Bronte Jordan, Aliyah McGuinness



James Snashall



Sophia Panetta



Katrina Samaras


Brooms Pas de Deux

Tiara Cassar, Bailey Radic


Amarli Aquilina, Armani Atinga, Nayeema Atinga, Ellise Caitlan Ball, Summah Barbour, Scott Bowcher, Hudson Brande,

Myah Grace Bramstedt, Avelia Grace Bushell, Lily Campbell, Amelia Carriage, Bethany Carriage, Tiara Cassar, Imogen Clarke, Bella Corradini,

Sienna Corradini, Sophia Corradini, Eleni Coulogeorgiou, Ariella Dimock, Lyndel Elliott, Poppy Elliott, Tahlia Flew, Paul Fraser, Willow Freeman,

Bronte Fursey, Catherine Geenty, Ella Germanos, Natalia Gizzi, Khloe Gornall, Mikayla Gornall Leni Grayson, Amelia Green, Rohan Green,

Ruby Hamilton, Addisen Hare, Bethany Hare, Olivia Head, Brent Helm, Ava Hernandez, Poppy Irvine, Sienna Irvine, Sophie Irvine, Bronte Jordan,

Angelina Kemp, Lillia Khouri, Grace Harmony Kusa, Tahlia Leonard, David Lester, Annika Little, Mayana Carmel Lonergan, Zari Lozenkouski, Ally Luke, Bree Luke, Aliyah McGuinness, Layla Micallef, Zoey Van Moolenbroek, Mia Louise Murray, Bella O’Brien, Charli O’Brien, Lani Ornelas, Amelia de Paiva,

Sophia Panetta, Meryl Papalos, Ella Grafenauer Parker, Carissa Marie Petrou, Imogen Prince, Tony Purdon, Bailey Radic, Violet Riquelme,

Katrina Samaras, Phoenix Shelton, Macushla Shields, Kiara Sirl, Paige Smith, Alexis Subotic, Alexandra Thompson, Tamika Thompson,

Belle Tomkins, Clare Tomkins, Ruby Valentino, Suzi Villeneuve-Smith, Alyssa Walton, Kate Whitty Lillian Wiecek, Addison Zieba


Dance Studios

Studios our dancers come from (in no particular order)

KazzaJazz Modern Dance Studios

DDC Dance Studios

Vanessa Lee Dance Academy

Tara Becker School of Dance

Theatrix Performing Arts


VPA Studios

The Ballet Studio

iDance Performing Arts Studio

The Dance Affinity

Thirroul Dance Academy

Ava Dance Centre

Dance Factor

Amanda Lee School of Dance

NRG Studios Illawarra

Alegria Dance Studio

Joanne Grace School of Dance

Dance Sensations

Dance Trilogy