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A message from the Artistic Director (Peter Pan Program 2018)

It is with great pleasure that we present Peter Pan. This original ballet has been in the works for three years and after much planning, commissioning, rehearsing and timeless effort contributed by the production team, dancers, musicians and members of the community can this production finally take to the stage. It's extremely exciting to commission a new work for the community. The aim of this commissioned work was to allow the community to collaborate in both areas of dance and music. The large ensemble of dancers in this production is a terrific achievement for the region and the high quality of musicians that make up the orchestra and choir are also to be acknowledged.

Something this mammoth of an undertaking does't come around often. It has been fantastic to have the community get behind Peter Pan and support what we've set out to achieve. This work also sets up a precedence much like our inaugural ballet in 2016, The Nutcracker, which boasted the first locally produced ballet production with local dancers and symphony orchestra. It is our ambition to continue to serve the community in a creative capacity and to offer outlets for the high standard of talent that this region harbours.

Peter Pan is magical. It asks from the very beginning for the audience to suspend reality; to let your inner child relive what creating adventures in your mind or with friends in the playground or backyard was like. The sets, props, and incredibly story-driven choreography by Tori Van Opstal beckon you to make this connection with your childhood. Enjoy the creativity of innocence and limitless possibilities - Ryley Gillen

Illawarra On Pointe Productions commissioned and staged Peter Pan at the Illawarra Performing Arts Centre 3-5 August 2018; featuring over eighty local dancers, a forty piece orchestra and choir of forty singers. It was choreographed by Tori Van Opstal, conducted by Ryley Gillen, with music composed by Will Yaxley.

Gallery coming soon

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